Australia’s biggest energy drink needed a way into the hearts of gamers (without Red Bull money).

V didnt have the money to get their name on an eSports league, but they wanted to get into gaming.

We found a much-loved game with a huge fanbase starving for new content, and gave the people of Reddit what they wanted, by Making it a Bit Better (V’s tagline).

This involved writing a whole questline with NPC dialogue, and rigging it together, and recording and directing the voiceover talent.

The mod got love, but the content around it got way more. The trailer outperformed digital cutdowns of V’s TV campaign 20 times over at a fifth of the price for campaign production.


Cannes Lions 2019 - Long-term (Creative Strategy)
Cannes Lions 2018 - Shortlist (Branded Entertainment)
Cannes Lions 2018 - Shortlist (Digital Craft)
Clios 2018 Bronze (Digital)
New York Festival 2018 Second Place (Branded Media)
New York Festival 2018 Finalist (Use of Digital Media)
New York Festival 2018 Finalist (Branded Entertainment)
Webby 2018 Finalist (Branded Entertainment)
AWARD Award 2019 - Gold - Native Advertising
AWARD Award 2019 - Silver - Social Media (UGC)
AWARD Award 2019 - Silver - Best Use of Digital Media
AWARD Award 2019 - Silver - Gaming
AWARD Award 2019 - Bronze - Digital Games
AWARD Award 2019 - Bronze - Co-creation / UGC
AWARD Award 2019 - Bronze - Entertainment
AMY Awards ‘Award for Trailblaizing
AdNews Awards 2018 Branded Content Winner