Nobody buys soup when it’s hot. Australia is hot.

Digital Activation
Out of Home

This reuslted in a 24.7% lift in ad recall, 6.9% lift in brand awareness, 55.6% increase in sales of Campbell’s Simply Soups.

Cannes Lions 2017 - Food and Drink (Silver)
Cannes Lions 2017 - Data-Driven Marketing (Bronze)
Spikes 2016 - Craft Copywriting (Bronze)
Webbys 2016 - Display & Banner Campaigns (Nominee)
Webbys 2016 - Best Use of Data Driven Media (Nominee)
Webbys 2016 - Best Use of Native Advertising (Nominee)
Webbys 2016 - Best Media Strategy (Nominee)
New York Festival 2017 - Best Use of Media (Finalist)
New York Festival 2017 - Mobile Marketing (Finalist)
New York Festival 2017 - Digital Communications (Finalist)