Al Jazeera’s coverage extends far beyond the Middle East. Unfortunately, they’re still seen by many as ‘that Arabic news channel’. They came to us looking for a simple visual idea to demonstrate the coverage they provide from over 150 countries.
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Al Jazeera Trade Campaign
Client: Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera asked for a simple visual idea that would help them step outside of their reputation as an Arabic news channel, and demonstrate their global coverage, in order to appeal to a wider range of distributors.

At a time where the world feels more polarised than ever, Al Jazeera’s bureaus in over 150 countries offering a rare opportunity to demonstrate the experiences we as humanity share the world over.

We created a campaign that brought together parallel AJ stories from across the world... Dooming ourselves to hundreds of hours of image library searches in the process.

The visual concept had to work for coverage of every topic from civil unrest and climate change, to education and trade, while executing over press, but also social, digital and trade show booths.