About Me

I’m a Yugoslavia-born, Australian-raised, Amsterdam-dwelling New Zealander with an American-ish accent because I learned English from a DK Encyclopedia CD-ROM that came free with the New Zealand Herald in 1997.

I studied Graphic Design at Curtin University and ended up becoming a Copywriter at an awesome independent named Meerkats. Most of the time I really like my job. Sometimes I love it. Advertising’s taken me from Perth to Sydney to Amsterdam.

I’ve worked at a bunch of places. In descending order of percieved coolness: ClemengerBBDO, 72andSunny, 180 Amsterdam, TBWA/Sydney, VMLY&R, Iris and a hotdog cart at Perth Zoo.

There are plenty of reasons to hire me: I’ve been told I’m hard-working. I’ve won some awards, if that’s what you’re into. I’ve scripted for TVC’s and into video game engines, animated in After Effects and designed in Photoshop. I think my understanding of how stuff works has helped me work more collaboratively with developers, editors and designers. Also my hygiene’s pretty good.

The two reasons I wouldn’t hire me are (1) that you probably have enough people who look like me in your agency, if that’s the case I recommend visiting Invisible Creatives. And (2) I have an Instagram, @photosofmeshitting, which on top of being photos of myself on the toilet, doesn’t have a very inventive name.

Hope to hear from you.

I always carry my own lighting

email: emil.cholich@gmail.com